12 Quick Tips for Moving More

Northern Pain Centre is committed to giving patient’s practical steps for managing many of the challenges they face as a result of their pain.  Welcome to our 12 Quick Tips Series.



  1. Create a plan for your day (learn more about planning your day here)
  2. Set small daily goals (learn more about goal setting here)
  3. Break things down into smaller time-based chunks – use pacing strategies (learn more about pacing strategies here)
  4. Do a little bit often.
  5. Remember to stretch – dynamic before, static after (learn more about stretching here)
  6. Remember to take short, frequent rest breaks – think “spoon theory” (learn more about the “spoon theory” here)
  7. Manage flares – if it’s your “usual” pain.  General rule for flare management
    1. <12hrs maintain activity
    2. 24-48hrs modify activity
    3. 48hrs drop your activity by 50-75%. But, try to keep moving despite pain.
  8. Identify obstacles – work on overcoming them with your physiotherapist and doctor (learn more about common barriers to movement when living with pain here)
  9. Try different types of movement – tai chi, yoga, hydrotherapy, walking (learn more about different types of exercise for pain here)
  10. Use technology to keep track of your progress (learn more about using technology to track movement here)
  11. Stick with the plan – no more or less, this prevents boom and bust.
  12. Talk with your physiotherapist or doctor about pacing strategies, graded exposure, flare management and safe movement (learn more about these topics here)


Free Resources

  • Download your free Northern Pain Centre goal-setting worksheet here
  • Download your free Northern Pain Centre pacing plan worksheet here
  • Download your free Northern Pain Centre planning your day worksheet here


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Images courtesy of Unsplash


Written by Aimee Carter