12 Quick Tips for a Better Quality Sleep

Northern Pain Centre is committed to giving patient’s practical steps for managing many of the challenges they face as a result of their pain.  Welcome to our 12 Quick Tips Series.



Here are our 12 quick  tips for a better quality sleep:

  1. Eat a well balanced diet (learn more about diet and sleep here)
  2. Spend time in the sun – this helps your internal body-clock (learn more about sunlight and sleep here)
  3. Reduce stress, practice relaxation exercises (learn more about stress and sleep here)
  4. Move more – this helps pain and promotes fatigue (learn more about activity and sleep here)
  5. Avoid napping after 3pm (learn more about how to nap well here)
  6. Wake up & go to bed at the same time – your body loves routine and can maximise sleep quality (learn more about sleep hygiene here)
  7. If you wake up during the night, get out of bed after 20mins and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy again (learn more about stimulus control here)
  8. Avoid caffeine after 2pm (learn more about caffeine and sleep here)
  9. Make your bedroom your sanctuary – cool, dark, quiet and comfortable (learn more about the ideal sleep environment here)
  10. Avoid the “blue light” of technology before bed (learn more about the impact of technology on sleep here)
  11. Don’t panic when you don’t sleep, it only makes it harder to sleep. Try distraction instead by listening to https://www.sleepwithmepodcast.comto put you to sleep  (learn more about CBT-i for sleep here)
  12. Get support – talk to your psychologist, see your doctor to rule out any underlying causes that might be contributing your sleep (This Way Up: Managing insomnia online course here)


If you would like to learn more about the what sleep is, why it is important, what some common sleep problems are and how to get a better night’s sleep visit here.


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Images courtesy of Unsplash
Written by Aimee Carter