12 Quick Tips for Improving Your Nutrition

Northern Pain Centre is committed to giving patient’s practical steps for managing many of the challenges they face as a result of their pain.  Welcome to our 12 Quick Tips Series.



Here are our 12 quick tips for improving your nutrition:

  1. Change your mindset – focus on your health, not weight (learn more about the role of mindset for managing your weight here)
  2. Eat the rainbow – a wide variety of different coloured fresh fruit & veggies (learn more about the importance of a wide variety of foods for optimal nutrition here)
  3. Drink plenty of water – start with when you wake up (learn more about the importance of water here)
  4. Eat more veggies than animal products (learn more about nutrition here)
  5. Eat whole grains (learn more about whole grains here)
  6. Eat lean protein (learn more about lean protein here)
  7. Get in the sunshine – helps with vitamin D production, helps release serotonin in your brain (learn more about the effects sunlight has on health here)
  8. Get moving – helps with metabolism, sleep, mood & pain (learn more about the benefits of exercise on weight management here)
  9. Pick fresh food over packaged (learn more about fresh over packaged benefits here)
  10. Try cooking it yourself, instead of buying it pre-made or takeaway (learn more about the benefits of home cooking on weight management here)
  11. Work on better quality sleep – helps with mood, metabolism, willpower and appetite (learn more about the effects of poor sleep on weight here)
  12. Ask for help from your GP, Specialist or see a dietitian (find an accredited Dietitian here)


Learn more about Nutrition and Pain

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As referenced in the IASP webinar, you can discover how healthy your diet & eating habits are with the Healthy Eating Quiz.  You’ll receive instant feed­back on your eating habits and your results will be stored in your dash­board, allow­ing you to track your changes over time. For further advice and guidance, talk to your GP to discuss your weight management options.


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Written by Aimee Carter