Living with chronic pain often means that it becomes very difficult to participate in the activities you enjoy, not to mention hardships of daily living. Chronic pain may result in the deterioration of physical function, that often leads to lack of energy and motivation needed to change the situation. Restoring your physical function is a cornerstone of chronic pain management.

Our physiotherapists have specialised training and experience in helping patients with chronic pain, beyond what is available from regular physiotherapists. They are experts in applying distinct strategies to improve physical function and pain.

Physiotherapy management begins with a comprehensive assessment that defines your physical abilities and limitations, and identifies your goals for physical function. Whether it is returning to work, participating in your favourite activities or being active with grandchildren, your pain management plan outlines the treatment regime that will help you work towards your achieving your individual goals.

An individually tailored exercise program forms part of the pain management plan. Our physiotherapists will guide you through this program and help you upgrade your activity gradually, setting goals for your progress and teaching you problem-solving skills to implement if “flare-up” pain occurs. This approach will allow you to regain control over your pain and provide you with confidence in applying self-management strategies in the future.  If you would like to learn more about active self-management, click here.

Physiotherapy is one element of the unique multidisciplinary approach we take at Northern Pain Centre. Our team of functional experts, under the leadership of the Pain Medicine Specialist, all work together to improve your pain management and ensure you receive optimal care.  If you would like to learn more about getting back to healthy movement, click here.

Pain and physical activity

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