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The brick wall of suffering associated with chronic pain


Northern Pain Centre is committed to empowering people suffering from chronic pain to understand more about their condition.  We believe that knowledge is power, and by understanding this debilitating condition you can reduce your suffering, gain greater control of the symptoms of your pain and return to living a better quality of life.  In this section of our website you will find resources and information addressing many of the bricks described in the above image.  By looking at each individual brick, we take this overwhelming situation and make it more manageable.  Our aim is to empower you to get back to being you and living your life.


Some useful resources:

Our wellness initiative is now available on Facebook and Instagram.  Follow our pages and learn more about persistent pain, tools for managing your day and inspiration to help you through challenging times.  If you or someone you love is struggling with persistent pain, join us and learn more about your pain.