12 Quick Tips for Getting Through Christmas

Northern Pain Centre is committed to giving patient’s practical steps for managing many of the challenges they face as a result of their pain.  Welcome to our 12 Quick Tips Series.



For most people, 2020 will be a very different Christmas to normal.  With the challenges of COVID, the restrictions on outings and events, and the changes to many people’s lives over the course of this year.  Here are our simple 12 simple strategies to help you through this period:

  1. Create a plan – make a list and check it twice.  Plan your day to help make it simple and enjoyable.  If you can delegate – do, if you don’t have to do it – dump it, and if it needs to be done – just do it  (learn more about this here)
  2. Break your day up – All work and no play, makes Christmas a chore.  Break up the day with time for relaxing, time for connecting, time for getting things ready and time for enjoying the day (learn more about this here)
  3. Make time for rest – To avoid paying for Christmas on Boxing Day, it is important not to borrow energy from it.  Pacing your day and adding time for rest can help you to keep your pain in check (learn more about this here)
  4. Make time for fun – Scheduling pleasant activities is incredibly important when living with pain, as the pain can take over your day.  Christmas is a day to enjoy yourself, so find time to do something you love (learn more about this here)
  5. Be present in the day – Mindfulness allows you to be present in your day, without judgement.  This can help to train the brain to be calm and aware.  Being present in Christmas also allows us to enjoy the little things, like the sunshine, our morning cup of coffee, the scent of a Christmas tree or meal cooking in the kitchen (learn more about this here)
  6. Stay informed and safe – Staying informed and safe over Christmas is incredibly important.  Ensure you check in Christmas morning with your local restrictions (Visit NSW Health here)
  7. Practice gratitude for what you have – Practising gratitude can reshape our mood and mindset on Christmas Day.  It can help us to reflect on the good, despite the ongoing challenges around us, and improve how we feel this Christmas (learn more about this here)
  8. Reach out to those who have helped you through 2020 – This year has been one of the most challenging many of us have ever experienced.  Taking time this Christmas to reach out and thank those who have helped you through the year can help to build stronger relationships and improve our mood (learn more about this here)
  9. Connect in different ways – With restrictions still in use around the world to keep us safe, many of us will need to connect in different ways this Christmas.  Use technology to reach out to loved ones in new and meaningful ways (learn more about this here)
  10. Sleep – A good night’s sleep does more than let Santa have time to build that bike.  Sleep can help you feel better both mentally and physically, it can also improve your mood and pain levels.  This Christmas give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep (learn more about this here)
  11. Eat and Drink – This Christmas we want you to eat and drink, we want you to indulge a little, but remember to also take care of yourself.  Keep hydrated, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and get plenty of fibre.  This will ensure you feel your best this Christmas (learn more about this here)
  12. Be Merry – Laughter not only releases loads of feel-good chemicals in our brains, it also lifts our moods.  This Christmas watch a Christmas comedy, connect with people who make you laugh or read a great book.  Laughter really is the best medicine (Find a Christmas comedy here)


Free Resources

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Images courtesy of Unsplash
Written by Aimee Carter