Chronic pain and exercise resources

If you are wanting to learn more about exercising and chronic pain, this section includes:

  • Pacing and goal setting resources
  • Pain physiotherapy resources
  • Exercise and healthy movement resources
  • Free Worksheets


Pacing and Goal Setting Resources

  • Article:  NPC: 12 Quick Tips for Introducing Pacing into Your Day (link)
  • Article:  NPC:  12 Quick Tips for Setting Goals with Chronic Pain (link)
  • Article:  NPC:  12 Quick Tips for Planning Your Day with Chronic Pain (link)
  • Article: PainHealth: Pacing and goal setting (link)
  • Article: APMA: Pacing Activity (link)
  • Factsheet: ACI: Pacing and Pain (link)
  • Factsheet: NHS: Pacing – how to manage your pain and stay active (link)
  • Factsheet: Mental Health: Activity pacing (link)
  • Factsheet: Psychology Tools: Pacing for Pain and Fatigue (link)


Pain Physiotherapy Resources

  • Article:  NPC:  Pain Physiotherapy (link)
  • Booklet: Making the most of physiotherapy (link)
  • Article: APMA: Physiotherapy (link)


Exercise and Healthy Movement Resources

  • Booklet: Australian Government: Choose Healthy, Be Healthy (link)
  • Article:  NPC:  Guide to Healthy Movement (link)
  • Article:  NPC: 12 Quick Tips for Moving More (link)
  • Article:  NPC: At Home Exercises for Chronic Pain (link)
  • Article:  NPC:  Active Self-Management: Living Well with Pain (link)
  • Article: APMP: Energy Management (link)
  • Article: APMP: Top Exercises for Lower Back Pain (link)
  • Article: ICP: Activity versus Exercise (link)
  • Article: PainHealth: Movement with Pain (link)
  • Article: Physiopedia: Exercise and Activity in Pain Management (link)
  • Article: Pathways:  Exercise with Chronic Pain: Your complete guide (link)
  • Factsheet:  ACI: Pain and Physical Activity (link)
  • Article: Active and Healthy: Find an exercise program (link)
  • Website: Get Healthy NSW: Free telephone-based health coaching (link)
  • Article: NHS: Improving health and fitness (link)
  • Free Online Course: PainTrainer (link)
  • Online Course: Permission to move (link)
  • Guidelines:  Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines and the Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines (link)
  • Guidelines:  Choose Health: Be Active: A physical activity guide for older Australians (link)


Free Worksheets

  • Worksheet: NPC: SMART Goal Setting (link)
  • Worksheet: NPC: Planning your day (link)
  • Worksheet: NPC: Making a pacing plan (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Weekly Activity Schedule (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Weekly Goals Record (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Goal Setting Worksheet (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Mental Health Benefits of Exercise (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Goal Break Down (link)
  • Booklet: My Live Well with Pain: Goal Setting (link)
    • Worksheet: My Goal Ladder (link)
    • Worksheet: My SMART Goals (link)
  • Booklet: My Live Well with Pain: Pacing (link)
    • Worksheet: My Daily Pacing Plan (link)
    • Worksheet: My Activity Diary (link)