September 2021 – Pillar 9.1 Sleep Right

12 Pillars of Wellbeing for Managing Chronic Pain

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If you are wanting to learn more about getting a good night’s sleep, this section includes resources on:

  • Sleep and Pain
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Sleep Problems
  • Free Worksheets


Sleep and Pain

  • Booklet: Getting a good night’s sleep (link)
  • Booklet: NHS: Sleeping problems (link)
  • Article:  NPC:  Sleep Series – Part 1: Understanding Sleep (link)
  • Factsheet: My Live Well with Pain: How to sleep well with pain (link)
  • Article: Sleep Hub.  Sleep Resources (link)
  • Article:  Pain Health: Sleep and pain management (link)
  • Article: National Sleep Foundation.  Pain and sleep (link)
  • Article: Practical Pain Management.  Pain and sleep: understanding the interrelationship (link)
  • Article: Institute for Chronic Pain: Sleep disturbances (link)
  • Article: Healthline: How poor sleep, depression, and chronic pain feed each other (link)
  • Article:  Havard Health: How to sleep well despite chronic pain (link)


Better Quality Sleep

  • Article:  NPC:  12 Quick Tips for a Better Quality Sleep (link)
  • Article:  NPC:  Good Quality Sleep (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI:  Fact about sleep (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI:  Sleep Hygiene (link)
  • Article: ICP:  Relearning to Sleep: How to Cope with Pain Series  (link)
  • Article: Healthdirect: Healthy sleep habits (link)
  • Article: Healtdirect: Sleep (link)
  • Article: Head to Health: Sleep (link)
  • Article: Brain Basics: Understanding sleep (link)
  • Article:  Headspace: How to sleep better (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  10 Tips for Healthy Sleep (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  How to get a good night’s sleep, according to science (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  Healthy sleep and shift workers (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  Your daylight saving cheat sheet (link)
  • Article: How to Sleep Better: 24 Tips from 24 People (link)
  • Article: How much sleep do we really need? (link)
  • Book: How to sleep well. The science of sleeping smarter, living better and being more productive. Dr Neil Stanley (link)
  • Book Fast asleep. How to get a really good night’s rest.  Dr Michael Mosley (link)
  • Book:  Sleep well every night. A new approach to getting a good night’s sleep. Glenn Harrold (link)
  • Book: The sleep coach. Dr Sarah Jane Arnold (link)
  • Book: This book will make you sleep. Dr Jessamy Hibberd and Jo Usmar (link)
  • Book: Why We Sleep. The New Science of Sleep and Dreams.  Matthew Walker (link)
  • Book:  The Sleep Book. How to Sleep Well Every Night. Guy Meadows (link)


Sleep Problems

  • Article:  CCI:  Insomnia (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI:  What is insomnia?  (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI:  Insomnia and your thinking (link)
  • Article:  CBTi:  Free and open access CBTi to help with insomnia (link)
  • Article:  NPC: Sleep Series – Part 2: Understanding Sleep Problem (link)
  • Article: Sleep Disorders Australia: Insomnia (link)
  • Article: Sleep Health Foundation: Fact sheets (link)
  • Article: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: Fact Sheets (link)
  • Article:  Help Guide:  Sleep Disorders and Problems (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  Insomnia (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  Sleep apnoea (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  Restless legs syndrome (link)
  • Article:  Healthdirect:  Jet Lag (link)


Free Worksheets

  • Workbook:  Patient Handout:  Insomnia patient handout (link)
  • Worksheet:  Sleep Australia:  Sleep Diary (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Sleep Diary (link)
  • Worksheet:  National Sleep Foundation:  Sleep Diary (link)
  • Worksheet:  Sleep Awareness Week:  Sleep Diary (link)
  • Worksheet:  AASM:  2 Week Sleep Diary (link)
  • Worksheet:  DAS:  Insomnia Management Kit (link)
  • Worksheet:  DAS:  Bedtime Restriction Therapy (link)
  • Worksheet:  Psychology Tools:  Sleep-Wake Disorders Worksheets (link)
  • Worksheet:  Psychology Tools:  Sleep Restriction Worksheets (link)