RACGP Accredited GP Education: Clinical Pathway Education Series

The importance of a collaborative approach to chronic pain is vital in improving the lives of the 3.24 million Australians living with this debilitating condition. GPs are at the front line to this endemic with 1 in 5 GP consultations involving patients with chronic pain.  Northern Pain Centre is committed to assisting with the improvement of best-practice chronic pain management. The importance of this has been highlighted in the “The cost of pain in Australia Report” for PainAustralia:

“Based on a previous intervention by NPS MedicineWise, a specialist-designed and led education program for general practitioners (GPs) should result in around a 25% improvement in best-practice chronic pain management by GPs.”  The cost of pain in Australia Report for Painaustralia by Lynne Pezzullo, Lead Partner, Health Economics and Social Policy, Deloitte Access Economics (4 April 2019 )

2019 Clinical Pathway Series:  Managing Back Pain – beyond medication

In 2019 we launched our GP Education Clinical Pathway Series “Managing Back Pain – beyond medication”.  We developed this GP educational series to examine common pain conditions that have a significant impact on patients’ lives, are under recognised, under treated and for which there are effective specialised interventional treatments available. The Northern Pain Centre Clinical Pathways was designed to help identify specific pain conditions in presenting patients and provide a clear clinical management and referral pathway.



If you would like a copy of these modules, please email our Strategic and Clinical Projects Manager, Aimee Carter at acarter@northernpaincentre.com.au


2020 Clinical Pathways Series

Important Update: In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, these events have been temporarily suspended, until we receive guidance from the NSW Department of Health.


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