Pain Management Program

This is Northern Pain Centre’s intensive 3 week pain management program based on the principles of active self-management and cognitive behavioural therapy.  Our program is based on the latest in clinical research on pain management.  Our facilitators are a highly experienced pain management team including our Medical Director Dr Martine Holford, our clinical psychologist, physiotherapist and practice nurses.


2020 Empower Pain Management Program Dates

  • Monday 16th March – Friday 3rd April, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends), 9am-3.30pm
  • Monday 15th June – Friday 3rd July, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends), 9am-3.30pm
  • Monday 17th August – Friday 4th September, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends), 9am-3.30pm
  • Monday 19th October – Friday 6th November, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends), 9am-3.30pm



  • This program is currently funded by Workers Compensation, Third Party Insured, DVA and self-funded participants.
  • We accept direct referrals into the Empower Pain Management Program from external medical practitioners.


Learn More

Please contact the clinic and speak with our program coordinator.

T: 02 9439 6456
F: 02 9460 9230


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