Understanding chronic pain resources

If you are wanting to learn more about chronic pain, this section includes:

  • Resources for understanding chronic pain
  • Resources for understanding central sensitisation
  • Resources for understanding the gate control theory of pain
  • Pain terminology


Chronic Pain Resources

  • Booklet: Understanding persistent pain.  Learn how to turn the volume down on persistent pain (link)
  • Booklet: Recovery Strategies.  Pain guidebook (link)
  • Booklet: Explains Pain (link)
  • Booklet: Cor-kinetics: Living well with pain (link)
  • Website:  NPC:  Understanding Chronic Pain (link)
  • Booklet:  Living with Persistent Pain (link)
  • Article:  Chronic Pain Australia:  The role of the nervous system in the experience of chronic pain (link)
  • Website: My Live Well with Pain (link)
    • Factsheet: 10 footsteps: Your journey to living well with pain (link)
  • Website: Tame the Beast (link)
  • Website: Flippin’ Pain (link)
  • Website: The Pain Management Network (link)
  • Website: Pain Australia (link)
  • Website: Retrain Pain Foundation (link)
  • Website: The Pain Toolkit (link)
  • Website: Chronic Pain Australia (link)
  • Website: Faculty of Pain Medicine (link)
  • Website: Australian Pain Management Association (link)
  • Website: Institute for Chronic Pain (link)
  • Website: Know Your Pain (link)
  • Website: Pain Out Loud (link)
  • Website:  NSW Health:  Useful Links for Pain Management (link)
  • Online Course: This Way Up (link)
  • Online Course: Control My Pain (link)
  • Online Course: Reconnect2Life (link)
  • Free Online Course: Mindspot (link)
  • Free Online Course: PainTrainer (link)
  • Free Online Course: Pain Course (link)
  • Book: Explain pain. David Butler and Lorimer Moseley (link)
  • Book: Manage your pain. Practical and positive ways of adapting to chronic pain. Dr Michael Nicholas, Dr Alan Molloy, Lois Tonkin and Lee Beeston (link)
  • Book: The pain book. Finding hope when it hurts. Philip Siddall, Rebecca Mccabe and Robin Murray (link)
  • Book: Painful Yarns.  Lorimer Moseley (link)
  • Book: Rewire your pain. Dr Stephanie Davies, Dr Nicholas Cooke & Julia Sutton (link)


Central Sensitisation Resources

  • Factsheet: ICP: Central Sensitisation (link)
  • Factsheet: Pain Science: Central Sensitisation (link)
  • Article: Pathways: Central Sensitisation in Chronic Pain (link)
  • Article: Physiopedia: Central Sensitisation (link)


Gate Control Theory Resources

  • Factsheet: Centre for Integrated Healthcare: The Gate Control Theory of Pain (link)
  • Article: How stuff works: How Pain Works.  The Gate Control Theory of Pain (link)


Pain Terminology Resources

  • IASP Terminology: Allodynia (link)
  • IASP Terminology: Causalgia (link)
  • IASP Terminology: Dysesthesia (link)
  • IASP Terminology: Hyperalgesia (link)
  • IASP Terminology: Hyperesthesia (link)
  • IASP Terminology: Hyperpathia (link)
  • IASP Terminology: Hypoalgesia (link)