The 12 Pillars of Wellbeing for Managing Chronic Pain – Reimagined for 2021

Last year we presented the 12 Pillars of Wellbeing for Managing Chronic Pain on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  These are 12 evidence based tools for managing chronic pain outside of your health care appointments.  This year we have reimagined these pillars and will do a deep dive into what they are, why they matter and how to implement them into your life.  Our aim is to provide you with information that can be easily be implemented into your day, week, month and year.

Join us each month as we present to you an evidence based tool for living well and managing pain differently through out 2021.

January 2021

Pillar 1.1 Have a plan


February 2021

Pillar 2.1 –  Set Goals


March 2021

Pillar 3.1 – Plan for Obstacles


April 2021

Pillar 4.1 – Create New Habits


May 2021

Pillar 5.1 – Pace It


June 2021

Pillar 6.1 – Manage Stress

July 2021

Pillar 7.1 – Move It


August 2021

Pillar 8.1 – Eat Right


September 2021

Pillar 9.1 – Sleep Right


October 2021

Pillar 10.1 – Learn the art of breathing


Join us Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for the remaining pillars reimagined for 2021.


Created and written by Aimee Carter
Images from Canva and Unsplashed