SMH: Good news for back pain sufferers, these exercises are shown to help

There is a fantastic article in the Sydney Morning Herald which discusses current research into the best type of exercises for back pain sufferers.  Back pain affects up to 90% of Australian’s at some point in their lives.  For a majority of people it lasts less than 6 weeks and minimal medical intervention is required, but for an ever-growing number of Australian’s it persistent beyond 12 weeks.  Back pain is the leading cause of disability world wide.

A study published in the British Journal of Sport’s Medicine on Thursday 24th October, 2019, states that “Pilates, stabilisation or motor control exercises, resistance training, using weights, and aerobic exercise training, like cycling or walking were the top treatments for reducing back pain. Along with helping people’s pain, these forms of exercise improved physical function and mental health, which is significant given those who suffer chronic pain are twice as likely to experience mental health issues”.  To read the article click here