June:  Pillar 6.1 – Manage Stress

12 Pillars of Wellbeing for Managing Chronic Pain

This month in our free patient education on social media, we are covering stress management.

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If you are wanting to learn more about stress reduction, relaxation and chronic pain, this section includes:

  • Stress Management Resources
  • Mindfulness Resources
  • Relaxation Resources
  • Free Worksheets


Stress Management Resources

  • Article:  NPC:  12 Quick Tips for Managing Stress (link)
  • NPC YouTube Channel:  Manage Stress (link)
  • Article:  IPC: Stress and Chronic Pain (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI:  Stress and Anxiety (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI:  Coping with Stress (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Self-Care Tips (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Stress Management Tips (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Fight or Flight Response (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Time Management Tips (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Positive Steps to Wellbeing (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Symptoms of Stress (link)


Mindfulness Resources

  • NPC Youtube Channel: Practising Mindfulness and Meditation (link here)
  • Free Online: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (link)
  • Website:  Jon Kabat-Zinn:  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (link)
  • Journal Article:  Mindfulness-based stress reduction: a non-pharmacological approach for chronic illnesses (link)
  • Article: APA: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (link)
  • Article:  NPC:  Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation (link)
  • Article:  TA:  The Benefits of Mindfulness (link)
  • Factsheet:  ACI:  Mindfulness (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Mindfulness Skills (link)
  • Book or Movie:  My Year of Living Mindfully.  Shannon Harvey (link)
  • Movie:  The Connection.  Shannon Harvey (link)


Relaxation Resources

  • Article:  NPC:  Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation (link)
  • Factsheet:  ACI:  Progressive Muscle Relaxation (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (link)
  • Factsheet:  ACI:  Focused/Slow Breathing (link)
  • Factsheet:  CCI:  Breathing retraining (link)
  • Factsheet:  ACI:  Imagery (link)
  • Factsheet:  ACI:  Relaxation (link)
  • Article:  NIH:  Relaxation Techniques for Health (link)
  • Article:  Inner Health Studio:  Relaxation Techniques (link)
  • Article:  Chronic Pain Australia:  Relax (link)
  • Factsheet:  TA:  Relaxation Techniques (link)


Free Worksheets

  • Worksheet:  TA:  Mindfulness Exercises (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Stress Exploration (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Self-Care Tips (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Family Mindfulness Schedule (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Mindful Meditation (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Stress Management (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Problem Solving (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Emotion Thermometers (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Fun Activities Catalogue (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Behavioural Activation Worksheet (Fun and Achievements) (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Healthy Me (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Worry Exploration (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Gratitude Exercises (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Daily Record of Your Breathing Rate (link)
  • Worksheet:  CCI:  Monitoring Your Relaxation Level (link)
  • Worksheet:  TA:  Recognising Stress (link)



  • Book: The Stress-Proof Brain.  Master your emotional response to stress using mindfulness and neuroplasticity.  By Melanie Greenberg, PHD
  • Book: Rushing Woman’s Syndrome.  The impact of a never ending to-do list on your health.  By Dr Libby Weaver
  • Book:  Neuroscience of Pain, Stress, and Emotion. By Magne Flaten Mustafa al’Absi (link here)
  • Website: Institue for Chronic Pain: Chronic Pain and Stress (link here)
  • Website: Help Guide: Stress Management (link here)
  • Website: Positive Psychology: 62 Stress Management Techniques, Strategies and Activities (link here)
  • Website: Zety:  Burnout: Prevention, Treatment, and Advice for Employees & Employers (link here)
  • Website: Psychology Today:  The Connections Between Emotional Stress, Trauma and Physical Pain (link here)
  • Journal Article: Chronic Pain and Chronic Stress: Two Sides of the Same Coin? (link here)
  • Journal Article: Pain in Times of Stress (link here)
  • Journal Article:  Anxiety and stress can predict pain perception following a cognitive stress (link here)
  • Journal Article:  The stress model of chronic pain: evidence from basal cortisol and hippocampal structure and function in humans (link here)
  • Website: Harvard Health: The Pain-Anxiety-Depression connection (link here)
  • Website:  The Stress & Chronic Pain Cycle (and how to break it!) (link here)
  • Website: The American Institute of Stress (link here)
  • Website: Cureable: Chronic Pain a cycle of stress and pain (link here)