Early Intervention – Benefits

Chronic pain is compounded by reduced activity and social engagement, sleep disturbance, deteriorating mood, financial and relationship difficulties, opioid dose escalation and related morbidity: a vicious cycle of increasing pain, disability and suffering. Early intervention can help prevent patients spiralling into these well-recognised patterns, and address maladaptive or negative coping strategies before they get out of hand.

Patients are often unaware that the pain they experience is treatable.

The Pain Medicine Specialists at Northern Pain Centre specialise in the interventional treatment of spinal (back and neck) and neuropathic pain as part of a comprehensive pain management plan. We are also experienced in the management of the broad range of persistent pain conditions for which interventions are not a feature of management.

Every patient is undertaken with the same holistic and multidisciplinary approach. To the patient, there is validation in feeling truly heard, in being thoroughly assessed and knowing there is an experienced Pain Specialist directing the management plan.

We offer a broad range of evidenced-based services including

  • interventional procedures
  • medication management
  • multidisciplinary assessment
  • psychiatry
  • clinical psychology
  • physiotherapy
  • case conferencing and feedback


Our patients have fast-track access to “ADAPT”, the renowned outpatient CBT-based Pain Management Program run by Royal North Shore Hospital.

We work collaboratively with specialised physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and our Pain Specialist Psychiatrist to address the context and impact of a patient’s pain.


If you have any questions about potential patients that we may be able to treat or would like to organise a practice visit with one of our practitioners, please contact us on (02) 9439 6456 or admin@northernpaincentre.com.au