Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How do I enrol in the Empower Pain Management Program?

A.  You will need a referral from either your GP or specialist doctor.  You will then be contacted by the Empower Pain Management Program Coordinator.


Q.  When is the next Empower Pain Management Program?

A.  At this stage our programs have been temporarily suspended, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Future dates will be confirmed once we have received guidance from the Australian Government.


Q.  What are the hours of the Empower Pain Management Program?

A.  This program runs for 3 consecutive weeks, Monday through to Friday, excluding weekends, 9am-3.30pm.


Q.  Where is the Empower Pain Management Program located?

A.  As many of our participants are from outside of Sydney, we run the program at the Hotel Urban.  This ensures ease of access for these participants, to learn more about the evidence base for this, contact our program coordinator.

Address: 194 Pacific Highway, Greenwich, NSW 2065. (corner Bellevue Ave and Pacific Highway).

Phone: 02 9439 6000.



Q.  How do I get to the Empower Pain Management program?

A.  Public Transport Information:

  • There are regular buses running in close proximity to the hotel, to organise your trip visit:
  • The train station is approx. 1km walk along the Pacific Highway to Hotel Urban
  • There is a bus that runs from the Hotel Urban, Mon-Fri at 7.30am, 8am, 8.30am and 9am to:
    • North Shore Private Hospital
    • Royal North Shore Hospital
    • St Leonards
    • Crows Nest
    • North Sydney
    • Artarmon
    • Chatswood


Q.  Where can I park?

A.  Parking Information:


Q: What do I do if I have any questions or problems throughout the program?

A:  Our program coordinator is available via email or phone to answer any questions or problems, please contact the rooms to speak with her.


Q. What do I do if I am unwell or unable to make it to the program?

A.  We understand that there may be occasions where your attendance is disrupted.  Please contact our program coordinator via phone or email prior to the course commencement so she is aware you will not be attending.  We will ensure that we do everything we can to help you catch up on return to the program.  Please ensure that if you are absent for more than 1 day you obtain a medical certificate for your insurer.  If you are absent for more than 2 consecuitive days our program coordinator will come up with a plan for you.  Please note that to ensure you get the most out of the course you may be required to:

  • Make up the missing days on the following program.
  • Reschedule the remainder of the program to the following program.
  • Reschedule the missed sessions for a future program.


Q. Do I need to bring morning tea or lunch?

A.  The course if fully catered for, but if you have any specific dietary requirements please contact the program coordinator to inform them.


Q. What if I am struggling with the exercise required throughout the program?

A.  This is a group-based program which focuses on increasing movement for effective long-term pain management (read more here).  Our facilitators will set exercises to each individual participant ability level.  If you are struggling or concerned with what is being asked, just let our team know so we can adjust or modify the activity.  Please note: To get the best out of our program and achieve the results seen in clinical research, we ask that you participate in all of the sessions.


Q. What if I am struggling with my pain throughout the program?

A.  This program is aimed at implementing strategies for managing the daily challenges of living with chronic pain.  This includes providing tools, resources and support for managing flares in pain throughout the program.  If you are struggling with your pain, we ask that you talk to the program coordinator or facilitator to help support you.  As you are part of a group that is dealing with similar challenges, it is often through sharing your experiences in the group that you can normalise these experiences, provide an opportunity to learn from each other and implement new coping strategies.


If you have any other questions, please contact the rooms to speak with our program coordinator:

T 02 9439 6456



Paperwork Required for Enrolment