Community Engagement and Support Resources

If you are wanting to learn more about getting involved in your local community, this section includes:

  • Government Support
  • Community Groups in NSW
  • Online Community Groups
  • Hobby and Activity Based Groups
  • Volunteering
  • Chronic Pain Support Groups in NSW
  • Online Chronic Pain Support Groups
  • Mental Health Support Groups
  • Free Worksheets


Government Support


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians




Crisis Supports


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Australians






Health Interface




Information for Parents and Carers





Mental Health


Mental Health Support for Young People


Support for older People with Disability

  • My Aged Care  – including Continuity of Support Programme, Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home Care Packages.




Community Groups in NSW

  • HeadtoHealth:  Connecting with community (link)
  • Factsheet:  NPC: Community Groups (link)
  • City of Sydney: Community Groups (link)
  • Orange:  Community Groups (link)
  • Roberson:  Community Groups (link)
  • South Eastern NSW:  Community Groups (link)
  • Berry:  Community Groups (link)
  • LGBTQI Community Groups (link)
  • Kangaroo Valley:  Community Groups (link)
  • Hawskebury Australia:  Community Groups (link)


Online Community Groups

  • Facebook:  Glenwood:  Community Groups (link)
  • Facebook:  Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Community Group (link)


Hobby and Activity Based Groups

  • HeadtoHealth:  Purposeful activity (link)
  • HeadtoHealth:  Purposeful activity – getting involved (link)
  • HeadtoHealth: Purposeful activity – hobbies (link)
  • 60+ Club:  Social Groups (link)
  • Heart Foundation:  Walking Groups.  Find a group near you
  • MeetUp:  Social Groups in Sydney (link)
  • Networks, Groups and Communities in Sydney (link)
  • Trailblazers Community Groups Sydney (link)
  • PCYC:  Find a Group (link)
  • My Community Directory:  Interest Groups (link)
  • Men’s Shed:  Find a Shed (link)
  • City of Sydney:  Find a community garden (link)
  • Stitch Community.  Social group for over 50’s (link)
  • Country Women’s Association (link)
  • HeadtoHealth:  Purposeful activity – learning and education (link)
  • University of the 3rd Age (link)
  • Sydney Community College (link)



  • GoVolunteer (link)
  • The centre of volunteering (link)
  • HeadtoHealth:  Purposeful activity – volunteering (link)


Chronic Pain Support Groups in NSW

  • Factsheet:  NPC:  Government Support Directory (link)
  • Australian Government:  Chronic pain Resources.  A summary of online and accessible initiatives and resources (link)
  • MeetUp:  Chronic Pain Groups in Sydney (link)
  • Factsheet:  Chronic Pain Australia:  Support Group Directory (link)
  • Arthritis Australia:  Find a group (link)
  • Factsheet:  APMA:  Pain Management Support Groups Directory (link)
  • Connect:  Chronic Pain Support Groups Directory (link)
  • GAIN: Pelvic Pain Support Group (link)
  • Endometriosis Australia Support Group (link)
  • Pelvic Pain Foundation.  Find a group (link)
  • Pain Link Telephone Line (link)
  • Australian RSD/CRPS Support Group (link)
  • ConnectGroups:  Chronic Illness Directory (link)
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis Support Group (link)
  • Musculoskeletal Support Groups (link)
  • Humankind Chronic Illness Support Group (link)
  • CRPS Network Australia (link)
  • Purple Bucket Support Group (CRPS) (link)
  • Rare Voices (Chronic Illness Support Groups) (link)


Online Chronic Pain Support Groups

  • Online:  Chronic Pain Australia:  Online Forum (link)
  • Online:  Hills Chronic Pain:  Online Forum (link)
  • Online:  Dragon Claw (Rheumatoid Arthritis) (link)
  • Facebook:  Diamond Facts (link)
  • Facebook:  Fibromyalgia Support Group (link)
  • Facebook:  Chronic Pain Support Group (link)
  • Facebook:  Chronic Pain Sufferers Support Group (link)
  • Facebook:  Chronic Pain – we are in this together (link)


Mental Health Support Groups

  • Online:  GROW Mental Wellness Program:  Find a group (link)
  • Blue Knot:  Trauma Support Groups (link)
  • Online: BeyondBlue:  Online Forum (link)
  • Carers Gateway:  Support for carers (link)
  • Men’s Shed:  Find a Shed (link)
  • NSW Government:  Mental Health Programs.  Find a program (link)


Free Worksheets

  • Worksheets:  TA: Social Support (link)