While the field of spinal cord stimulation is still relatively new in Pain Medicine, doctors and scientists are rapidly working to refine the technology to achieve better patient outcomes.  This is occurring across the clinical efficacy (or pain relief) and the technical features of the devices, such as small size, durability, battery life and MRI compatibility.

Saluda is an Australian innovation and is the first “closed loop” spinal cord stimulation system. This means the device has the capacity to detect and process the electrical impulses in the patient’s spinal cord in real time. As a result, the device can automatically adjust its stimulation output to a preprogrammed level chosen by the patient.  This can eliminate a common problem of fluctuating stimulation strength that patients find either lessen pain relief or are uncomfortable.  Tailoring the individual patient’s  stimulation program can also preserve battery life as a result of reducing “wasted” current.

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